Yes I admit it, I am an ipad junkie…..until yesterday the idea that I could not live without my ipad was one I would have scoffed at….but yesterday for some strange reason my ipad simply refused to charge and I did indeed feel panic rising. I felt a little lost all day and found myself reaching for my ipad again and again……I keep my knitting patterns on my ipad, I have a Mindfulness course which I follow daily on my ipad, I have my guided meditations on my ipad, I read the news on my ipad with my morning coffee, I do all my emails on my ipad….and yes there are a few games I play on my ipad….I WANTED MY IPAD.

Thankfully my ipad decided to start charging again in the evening and is now back to normal…but it was a bit of an eye opener and does rather make me resolve to trying to limit the time I spend on my ipad, especially the playing games part. Everything else seems quite valid to me.

I am grateful that my daughter grew up in an age without mobile phones, ipads and the like, I can only imagine the battles  that must be raging as parents try to control the use of these devices, not to mention protect children from them. There is increasing concern about brain development of children and the increasing social isolation of children who withdraw too much into a techology driven world. There is a very thought provoking Ted talk by Sherry Turkle on this subject here.

As a university lecturer I am only too aware of the impact which mobile phones can have in the classroom and most assuredly some of my students are addicted to their phones and quite literally cannot bear to have them out of sight. A pleas to remove them from the desks simply means a move to the chair next to them (still in sight) or to their laps and moments later they are back on the desks…I think without the students even being aware of what they are doing.

And don’t get me started on mobile phone etiquette…. when is it acceptable to use a mobile phone? When should they be put away? That is a long discussion and one I have been known to get very passionate about… I won’t start.

I don’t think we can continue as we are with our devices…..what do you think?