Where oh where do the days go? Truly every time I turn around it is Friday evening at 6pm….really!

Yet what do I do with my time. I am currently here in Spain and so not working, in theory I have all the time in the world and nothing urgent to do, no commitments, no obligations and yet the days fly by so very quickly.

It has been over 2 weeks since I posted and I have tried to think what I have done in that time. I did make some kumquat and lemon marmalade with fruit a neighbour gave me. It turned out very well and I highly recommend it spread onto a salmon fillet and baked….yummy.  I have also been doing a lot of spinning (salmon also happens to be the name of the colour of the fibre I am spinning – see what I did with the title there)…and I am gradually getting better. For the first time I managed to achieve a ‘balanced’ yarn….one which does not spin round like a corkscrew when hanging free. Feeling proud. I am not at all sure I actually thought that was possible.

WP_20170401_003 I started on a clam shell quilt, having cut out 18 clam shells I realised they really were not accurate enough and had to start over….but so far so  good. Come to think of it that little adventure took a few days as I am not following a pattern and so had to work it out by trial and error – lots of error.

File 03-04-2017, 14 19 05

I also spent a long afternoon warping my loom for the next garden bench cushion, only to discover that once again I had warped it backwards…. So much for Mindfulness.

I have finished my maths course which was great fun – it anyone was wondering (I rather suspect no one was) here is the answer to the puzzle I mentioned in my last post:

4 x 142857 = 571428

Having read the book The Craving Mind by Judson Brewer I have signed up to his app on mindful eating called EAT RIGHT NOW – which aims to use Mindfulness to re-educate me in my attitude to food. I am not too overweight (about a stone)  but I do have a tendency to emotional eating when I am upset or angry. I don’t like it and would like to stop. I will let you know how I go. I am at the beginning of my Mindfulness journey but so far I am impressed.  I find I am actually looking forward to the meditation sessions, though some days are certainly harder than others.

The striped jumper I mentioned in my last post is still in the same state and the snail trail quilt top is not yet finished but is slowly progressing.

Having reread this I am sure that some of you are horrified at how many projects I have on the go at any one time –I suspect there are more than mentioned here –  this is always the same for me but believe me they do ALL GET COMPLETED in the end. I have different things to do depending on my mood and situation. Some are more complicated and cannot be done when tired, some can happily be done while watching tv. Some require space and equipment others just me and a comfy chair… so they all have their place in my life. I love the variety and sometimes things all seem to get finished at once which is lovely. What about you are you a strict serial crafter or a multi crafter like me??? How many is too many?

There are so many wonderful things to make and do!

Well off to post this and then into my workroom.

Happy crafting all….