Hurrah, I finally conquered spinning the bamboo fibre (see photo), never again! It was soooo slippery and quite frustrating as it kept snapping. I am quite pleased with the results but it was notworth the grief. Thankfully I only had a small amount as a sample. Unfortunately however, I bought rather a lot of soy tops and they are proving to be even worse than the bamboo as they shed fibres everywhere. I think I shall stick to fibres provided by sheep in the future, there are so many to try and they are definitely kinder to spin!

I also finished the knitting of my stripey cardigan but it is now sitting looking at me with accursing eyes as it knows it could take a while for me to actually get around to sewing it up. Sewing up is my least favourite part of knitting, I love the actual knitting and find it no bother at all but sewing up and tidying all those loose ends I really don’t like much at all. I am better at it than I used to be but the record from completing knitting to sewing up stands at around 10 years for the prettiest of baby dresses! We will see how long this one takes, so far I have sewn one shoulder seam.

I completed my Mindfulness course this week and shall say no more other than to recommend it highly. I very much hope to make it part of my life on a daily basis.

I am still doing my Spanish and my Genealogy courses but have also started a course on First taste of cryptarithms – Hindu Cryptarithms and Alphametics – basically on cracking codes. It is a bit challenging but I did manage the first week’s task and got it correct. Good to know the old grey matter is still working…

If you would like to try the task:

i x kingjo = joking

Each letter stands for a number (other than x which is the multiplication symbol)  1 through 9 and none are repeated. once the numbers are substituted for the letters the sum must be correct. Clue i = 4

I will post the answer next week!

..and on that happy note I shall end here.

Happy UK Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. Enjoy.