Well it has been an exciting week – after many years of friends telling me that I could/should sell my baby quilts I have finally got around to putting some on them onto an ETSY shop (see my Squawkk tab). It is quite a job! I posted my first one and  then simply could not find it, so I am not at all sure how others will ever find it!!!!!

But I shall learn as I go along I am sure. I have a lot of other things to put on ETSY and I have set myself a target of doing one per day….let’s see how I go.

It is all very exciting and I feel just a little nervous about it all.

The weather here is now glorious and yesterday i did my Yoga out on the deck in the sunshine. It felt sooooo good. I am still doing my Mindfulness course and the topic this week was Mindful Listening. Very interesting indeed. I am quite guilty of being an impatient listener and this week it was all about how to listen mindfully. Something for me to work on!

Here’s hoping you are enjoying life.