Hi there

Well I have just spent a funny and frustrating 24 hours….

I decided to do some spinning using bamboo fibres, a new one for me, and boy is it slippery, the fibres kept snapping which hasn’t really happened to me since I started spinning. So tedious to have to keep stopping and starting. As you can see it wasn’t really working. So I decided that it just wasn’t the day to spin bamboo, some days are just like that. I haven’t given up, just postponed the battle until the bamboo learns to cooperate and I read up on how to spin bamboo fibres….

So………….I switched on the tv only to see this.


This happens from time to time here in Spain and there is never a good time for it to happen. Really I never mind being ‘switched off’ for a few days, it makes you review the role tv plays in your life!

So I settled into doing some of my Mindfulness course trying to not mind the noise of garden machinery…that is until I looked out and saw that they were chopping down some of the beautiful pine trees which ring the grounds here. Why?????  I don’t know why but often it is to give someone more sun….two words ,’sun cancer’ people…..or to improve someone’s view. They have the right idea in Australia where if someone chopped down a tree to improve sunshine access or to gain a better view then the council would put up sails where the tree canopy would have been, so there was no gain to the culprits. Here, in Spain, one is meant to plant another tree to replace the removed one, we shall see. I took a photo and had to laugh at the view of ‘the siesta’ which I accidentally captured. they take siesta seriously here and his workmates were in similar repose. But look at the poor tree stumps.  Four mature pine trees gone by my count.



But otherwise it has been a good week, my weaving came off the loom and I am delighted with it. It is to be a cushion for a garden bench and I think it will really work well. Only my second weaving attempt using my own spun wool so I am quite delighted. Okay a few wobbly lines but I can forgive wobblyness!


The Snail’s Quilt is going very well, more next week and I am nearly finished the first sleeve of my current knitting project. So all told a good week in the workroom.

That’s me and to quote Jon Kabat Zinn….

May you be well, happy and safe.

And be excellent to one another.