I am tired of being nagged…………… by my FITBIT…’time to move, take me for a walk, 48 more steps to nail the hour’…..etc etc, it never stops.

So, I have decided not to wear it. Some days I do 10,000 steps some days I don’t. That is life. I don’t need a machine to tell me.

Besides following yesterday’s news that we are now supposed to eat TEN servings of fruit and vegetables a day rather than just 5 which was the previous recommendation by the UK health authorities, I will no longer have time to do steps I will be too busy eating fruit and vegetables.

Seriously does anyone know what the best way to eat and live is, I don’t think so.

So for me I am going to exercise as and when, I am going to eat a little of everything in moderation and I am not going to be nagged by my FITBIT any longer. I am making a stand.

Join me and release yourself from marching up and down the house to get those steps in……FREEDOM.