Hello Lovelies                                                                                24th Feb 2017

How is everyone today? I am quite happy this morning as I no longer have a large hole in my bathroom ceiling and can happily go to the toilet and shower without fearing a large rat dropping on my head.

Nice image for you thereJ

Luckily no friend Heather probably won’t read this as she hates smiley facesJ

In the workroom, this week I decided it was time to get going on another quilt, so I started this Snail’s Trail pattern – word of warning, you should concentrate on this one or like me you will be doing a lot of seam ripping…..oh dear, so much for Mindfulness. I actually think I was thinking about Mindfulness rather than being Mindful, not too sure I have the knack of it yet.

The weaving is going well and I am sooooo pleased with it, it is very quick compared to all my other craft endeavours. Photo on that next week.

The weather here on the Costa Blanca has been a bit depressing, very overcast and raining at times and to add to that my car is once again misbehaving…is it time for a new car? My dilemma is that I am only here for 5 months of the year and so don’t really want to leave a new car just sitting here for 7 months. When I have car problems I always wish I had a man in my life, unfair and sexist I know, but if I had a man he would definitely be in charge of all things CAR (and possibly all things RAT too). Thank you.

Well, have a great week and as we say in these parts…Hasta Luego!