Not it isn’t a joke….

Now you may be wondering why there is an image of a rat heading this post. Well RATS have been occupying my thoughts a lot this week. That and the question of how to make them leave home!

Let me start at the beginning, fear not I will keep it short.

Friday morning a torrent of water arrived in my bathroom from my neighbour’s bathroom upstairs. Upshot rats had chewed through the pipes….plumber arrived and this being Spain I was informed that to fix the problem they would have to cut through MY bathroom ceiling to get to the problem. With hindsight I should have said no….but……in my defence, he did say he would fix it again.

I should have known better……so 2 lots of plumbers later I still have a very large hole in my bathroom ceiling and the argument continues over WHO is going to repair it. Oh how did this problem become my problem?

Then to top it all as I went out to get rat poison (with apologies to rat lovers but either they leave home or I do), the car decided to ‘forget that it knew the key’ – yes that is what the mechanic said. So I lost all power in the middle of a busy road….bit scary, but not as scary as the thought that rats are going to pop down through the gaping hole in my bathroom ceiling.

On the plus side – the mechanic was great, prompt, positive and cheap. My lovely neighbour left me 2 small gifts on my deck and my Mindfulness study is going well as are all my craft endeavours. So let’s see what next week brings!