Another week has rolled by in the most pleasant way, they say when you are getting older that time seems to go faster, I certainly find that to be true.

This week – well so many interesting things have popped up. My Mindfulness course is occupying quite a few hours and a lot of my thinking. The course requires that we meditate for 5 minutes morning and evening and so I am trying to remember to do that. I used to meditate many years ago, and this reminder has me wondering why I ever stopped. Truthfully, I am not too sure that I quite get Mindfulness yet but it is only Week 1!

Which brings me to my next observation – thank you fellow bloggers, WordPressers (!) for all your oh so interesting articles and posts. So many interesting things to read and learn and not quite enough time. I have very happily been diverted for hours this week. Special thanks to Martina at for the Mindfulness posts, really good content and very pertinent to my week’s endeavours.

Craft wise well the spinning continues, though I did have a problem with too much twist on one bobbin which was irritating but I hope to live and learn. Also, my knitting continues. This week seems to have been more cerebral than hands on.

Mini rant: After 3 weeks of blissful peace my neighbour has returned upstairs and she is quite possibly the noisiest human being on the planet. Noise – the bug bear of my life. I seem to be soooo sensitive to it. This woman pervades every moment of my life in such a negative way. One would think an older single woman would be the quietest of neighbours but on the contrary. I only have to (very politely) point something out to her as noisy and she seems to redouble her efforts at doing it. I am trying very very hard not to let it bother me. Right now, she is banging gas bottles about – my offers to help are always rejected.  I have moved my bedroom away from hers. I bought headphones to block out her TV noise.

Enough – stop now – thanks for listening.

Ps Just as I settled down to do this I heard running water and my electricity went off – water pouring in from Mrs. Upstairs’s bathroom, funny how her English disappears when there is a problem! (Though to be fair I have little Spanish or French) No action yet to remedy problem…..