Well I have had a blissfully full and  busy week. I recently returned to Spain after 7 months working in London and so have been catching up with all things house and car, and then moved on to catching up with friends. I have had some lovely lunches this week, 2 by the sparkling Mediterranean sea in the early season sunshine and 1 with some new friends (that was an 8 hour marathon which passed so very quickly), really lovely people.

I also did some gardening, normally the soil here is too rock hard to dig, it bakes solid in the sunshine, but we have had a lot of rain and I realised that I could have a go, I went around getting some cuttings and planted a few things, it looks good I think (ignore the dirty deck, it needs power washing). Of course all the plants here need to be drought resistant as I refuse to waste water trying to create an ‘English’ garden as so many pople do here. Looking at the photo perhaps I should have taken a ‘before’ photo so you could appreciate that this is actually an improvement!!!!


Craft wise: I finished a hat  I was knitting  and I have started some spinning for a project I have in mind. I continue with the yarn bombing of one of my dining chairs! I will add some photos asap.

Happy crafting.